June 25, 2024

What is as invigorating as a cup of coffee? Some people think it’s a good conversation, because sometimes it’s just as problematic to fall asleep afterwards. If you have a great conversationalist, you’re in luck. Sometimes it’s so important to be able to debate and give birth to the truth in an argument! But if you don’t have a suitable candidate, it’s not a reason to get upset, but a great opportunity to look into the magical world of books with the aroma of coffee.

The recipe for a good book is simple: a special atmosphere, an unexpected point of view and a beautiful script. It is better to add a blanket and a refreshing drink, get comfortable in a bed or an armchair and sink in. And our selection of books will help you with your choice.

The Espressologist, Kristina Springer

espressologistOnce upon a time there was a romantic girl named Jane who loved coffee. She loved it so much that she worked in a coffee shop and even had a coffee hobby – compiling psychological profiles of customers based on their favorite drinks. And once upon a time, there was a nice guy, Cam, who was madly in love with the girl, but of course, she had no idea. There’s a certain ideal in her life that should suit her, according to her coffee calculations. Jane has to deal with herself, her feelings, and her espressology.

The Various Flavors of Coffee: A Novel Anthony Capella

novelA voluminous novel with a traditional English protagonist, it will be an exciting discovery for lovers of multidimensional stories. The main character is a young man who has an unusual occupation: coffee tasting. He will live and evolve with you in the pages of this novel. You will see Victorian England and red-hot Africa, learn how the era and the people in it have changed. And the whole time you’re reading, the aroma of coffee will be all around you, even if you’re a fan of tea.


How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else, Michael Gates Gill

Michael is 64 years old – before he had everything. But at some point his life began to fall apart, and the man is forced to start all over again. He once revolved among the cream of society, but now he enjoys a well-scrubbed floor and properly counted change because he’s an employee at Starbucks. A life story that will teach you to never give up and believe in yourself.

The Coffee Book, Max Fry

The Coffee Book, Max Fry

A collection of short stories literally bursting with magic, city spirit, and the velvet taste of coffee. If you have not read Max Fry, this collection is one of the best books to determine your attitude to the popular author. And write down a couple or three of the author’s coffee recipes.

Chocolate, Joanne Harris

A cozy and charming story about Vianne Rocher and her daughter that unfolds in a chocolate store and on the streets of a French town. A harmonious blend of sweetness, intrigue, and confrontation, spiced with coffee grounds and domestic magic. After reading it, we highly recommend watching the film adaptation of the book.