July 21, 2024

Reproductive health has been a taboo topic for centuries, one that was not accepted. This persistent stigma still has a huge impact on women, limiting their access to information about their own bodies and their features. We have selected for you the best books that will tell you about the most important secrets of the intimate side of life of the beautiful half of mankind.

Viva la vagina Stop glossing over the hidden capabilities of an organ that is not commonly called, Ashley Sanchez

Ashley SanchezThis work has already become one of the board books on the female body. It is interesting to read for young girls as well as for adult women. The authors are Norwegian medical doctors who are tired of prejudice about everything “below the belt” and decided to write a book about it. In an easy and entertaining way, they answer questions about the genitals, menstruation and other secretions, sex and protection. And much more! Read the book yourself and give it to your girlfriends, and you can and friends, they too will be useful. And before you start reading, read some interesting facts about the vagina. Many of them are sure to surprise you.

Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of Natural Life, Darcy Steikne

Flash Count DiaryMood swings, eating disorders, insomnia, and depression are just a small part of the list of things we are threatened by not knowing the nature of menopause. Darcy Steikne dares to speak openly about this topic in order to make life easier for the many women facing the various problems this process causes. And her goal is not only to answer a host of pertinent questions, but also to let readers know that life after menopause certainly doesn’t end. Read about the peculiarities of sex during this period in our article.
Books about reproductive health today assume the role of the main way of sexual education. From them you can learn important information about your health at any age, and if necessary, share it with your loved ones.