June 25, 2024

Who among us does not want to be always beautiful and healthy? To have glowing skin, no wrinkles, no hanging fat, and a body that stays young and fresh longer. These desires may not coincide with the capabilities of our body. Everyone seems to know the cause-and-effect relationship, e.g., eating sandwiches at night will make you look like a barrel. But if you dig a little deeper? If you start to understand issues of beauty, if you debunk the myths that you sacredly believe? Chances are, you’ll become a real queen. And the right literature will help.

Hair: A Human History

hairThis book was published in June 2021 and immediately became a bestseller (however, it was recognized worldwide much earlier). It was written by the world expert on hair and its health, Kurt Stenn. He has worked with top models and Hollywood stars and now offers a walk through the pages of the past. Through the pages of beauty and first and foremost hair. We live, comb, bathe and sometimes do our hair, but we don’t think about the deeper aspects of care. And yet hair and the condition of strands have played no small part in cultural formation, in forensics, in industry, and in beauty standards. From this book you will learn what role hair played. Knowing the biological and cultural aspects associated with it will help you look better and pay much more attention to your hair.

The Beauty Myth Naomi Wolf

naomeThis is a curious and unusual book that is simultaneously a fascinating historical novel, a social study, and a good read. The writer takes it upon herself to trace the origins of the most popular myths about female beauty and appearance, stereotypes about appearance that are often no less damaging than “the clock is ticking, where is the baby” or “your place is in the kitchen, woman! How is it that physical beauty has become a real obsession for girls? Why are skinny girls so popular now, while some 100 or 200 years ago, a lady with a body was the standard? Where to find the fine line between the imposed opinion and their own attractiveness? Such burning topics made the book a bestseller.


The Body Book, Cameron Diaz

"The Body Book, Cameron DiazActress Cameron Diaz has long been and remains the standard of femininity and natural beauty. She herself has repeatedly said in numerous interviews that she is naturally inclined to fullness, that she has genetically fast aging skin, thin hair and a whole bunch of other problems. And the actress has not always thought about her health and its connection with beauty and grooming. We’ve all seen pictures where she was so plump, that it was difficult to recognize her fragile blonde. This incident made her think about her own body and its health. Now Diaz is an active follower of proper lifestyle, natural cosmetics and sports. In the book, she shares her experiences as well as the knowledge she learned from Hollywood gurus and books. If you think this is just another pacifier from the actress to boost her popularity, you’re wrong. “The Body Book” is an honest tune-up for changing eating habits, for being mindful of nutrition and life, and the secrets of youth and beauty proven by science.

WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source Alisa Vitti

vittiThe author of this book is not just someone off the street, but a doctor with many years of practice, who herself suffered for many years from neglected gynecology – small ovarian cysts. If you are not aware, this diagnosis is being made more and more often every year. And science doesn’t know how to treat it, it can only contain the symptoms. Alisa coped with the disease, and along with it brought out a lot of interesting information. All her experiences poured into this book – a comprehensive study of female hormones and the science of how to live by them, how to cope with the cycle, how to become calmer and more efficient, how to eliminate the risks of gynecological diseases. There’s workouts, medical reference, and tipsters, and everything you need to live life to the fullest, knowing all about hormones.


Healthy Happy Sexy: Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women Katie Silcox

silcoxIt is no secret that ayuverda is now at the height of its popularity, but many still view it with apprehension, believing it to be either a cult or an outdated philosophy. Neither and Katie Silox will prove it to us. She believes that to comprehend the wisdom of ayuverda, to become more feminine and healthy, you do not have to devote yourself to a man and surrender to domestic slavery, refuse a glass of wine after a rough night out or reading women’s magazines. But reading this book will give you a ton of knowledge on how to achieve glowing skin, lose excess weight, get a full sex life and happiness. So much for the cure-all pill. It’s hard to believe, but the book has become a bestseller and has thousands of accolades from readers all over the world.

All of these books, even if you don’t read the whole list, will enlighten even the neophyte beauty and caregiver. You can find a lot of useful and easy to apply in life. Get pumped, learn more, and shine!